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Feb 7, 2024

Welcome to another episode of The Nuts and Bolts of Leadership podcast! Join Billy and Hali as they welcome Renee Breazeale, founder of Victory Bolt and Victory In Time and the inspiring author of "Soaring Through Adversity". Get ready to dive into the power of having a destination in mind, even when the path isn't crystal clear. Renee shares her journey, emphasizing how her faith has been a guiding light on her path to becoming a victorious leader, offering insights that resonate with anyone seeking inspiration.

Discover the importance of planning for the future and passing the torch to the next generation. Learn the ropes of building a thriving business, exploring the unique solutions Renee discovered along her entrepreneurial journey. Find out how to empower people to soar and master the art of separating your "who" from your "do". Finally, gain valuable insight into what being a leader truly means – it's not just a title, but the impact you can make.

Tune in for a conversation filled with wisdom, inspiration, and practical takeaways. Whether you're navigating leadership, entrepreneurship, or seeking a motivational boost, this episode has something for everyone. Let's soar to victory together – enjoy!


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