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Feb 21, 2024

Welcome to another episode of the Nuts and Bolts of Leadership Podcast! In this episode, Billy and Hali chat with Mike Perkins, the mastermind behind Frontline Develop and founder of Frontline HR Solutions. Get ready for a deep dive into the world of developing well-rounded leaders across every spectrum of your team and company.
Mike drops a series of leadership nuggets, focusing on leadership killers, relationship builders, and training centers. Discover how to pinpoint leadership killers and target your most impactful leaders – frontline workers and direct supervisors. Understand how some employees can get caught in the leadership pit, and recognize the pivotal role immediate supervisors play in leadership and employee success. Building relationships is crucial for leadership success, and encouragement is a powerhouse leadership skill. Learn how to invest in leadership training centers and embrace virtual training, especially in the leadership coaching space.
As we delve into the episode, Mike discusses some key concepts in leadership: one, bad leaders lead to bad results, and two, rules without relationships are meaningless.
Whether you are leading a team or aspiring to, there is something for everyone in this episode. Let’s listen in and coach up for another great episode – enjoy!

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Discover the books and leaders mentioned in this episode: The Busy Leader’s Handbook and Rewiring Excellence: Hardwired to Rewired by Quint Studer


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