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Nov 22, 2023

What does leading from a thankful heart look like? 

Join Billy and Hali on this special Thanksgiving episode with Grant Morring, President of BCM Morring. Together, we explore the transformative power of leading with gratitude. In this special episode, Grant shares insights on cultivating a vision of gratitude and emphasizes how true success is measured by the success of your people. Gain a deeper understanding of the connection between leadership and thankfulness.

Grant delves into the concept of love and gratitude as conscious choices, underscoring a leader's responsibility to choose gratitude during both highs and lows. Discover the importance of adopting a posture of gratitude to recognize blessings in every aspect of life.

Explore Grant's unique responsibility matrix of the duck, eagle, and chicken, highlighting the relationship between environment and personality. Learn how fostering a culture of gratitude within your team begins with the accountability of owning mistakes.

Don't miss this journey into leadership, love, and gratitude. Tune in, reflect, and let's cultivate a culture of gratitude together.


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