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Jul 3, 2024

In this episode, we talk with special guests from the Threaded Fasteners Senior Leadership Team; Chris Thomas (Sr. Vice President of Distribution), Mark Huddleston (Vice President of Supply Chain), Erick Ramos (Vice President of National Sales), and Robby Ashley (Vice President of Manufacturing). Together they discuss the TFI strategic anchors- solution-based services, people development, and operational excellence.

Mark and Robby explain that chasing perfection isn't the goal; it’s about continuous improvement. Details matter in the path towards operational excellence and the little things are important, you don’t always get it right, but you can always make it right. Robby highlights that the leadership development programs don’t just impact employees work life, it impacts their home life as well. Mark highlights the importance of setting attainable goals for your team and defining what the goal is before you set the expectation; no one can hit a target they can’t see. They highlight the necessity of investment in new processes and improvements– have a vision, communicate that vision, and monitor the day to day.

Erick and Chris discuss how TFI provides “Solutions from the Ground Up” and what solution-based services means for the team. For Erick solutions-based services is more than just providing a fastener solution, its walking with customers every step of the way and providing solutions that they need and offering solutions that can help them better reach their goals. Erick and Chris highlight the importance of the people side of people development and how relating to employees and meeting them where they are is critical in creating a lasting development program. Erick highlights the importance of finding outside perspectives and challenging the “we have always done it this way” mindset. 

Listen in and get a peek behind the curtain with leadership insights directly from the Threaded Fasteners Team. Join us to understand what makes an effective leader and how core mission, core values, and strategic anchors set the blueprint for success!

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