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Aug 16, 2023

Mining For Nuggets: Season One Recap - Nuts and Bolts of Leadership

On this episode, Billy and Hali discuss their key takeaways from season one. Join us as they reflect on the inspiring guests and insightful conversations from the first twelve episodes. From the humble coaching of Coach Mike Gottfried, to the wisdom-filled leadership of Cam Marston, and each of the guests that shared their leadership expertise throughout the season. Our conversations have been filled with insights, stories, and an endless supply of wisdom nuggets.

Join Billy and Hali as they recap season one, but before we dive into all of that, we want to take a moment to thank our loyal listeners for their support throughout this first season. Your engagement, ratings, and reviews have been invaluable in spreading the message of leadership and inspiring leaders at every level.

Now, let's jump into the meeting room and reflect on the key takeaways from season one of the "Nuts and Bolts of Leadership.” We appreciate your thoughts and opinions, so be sure to stay connected and let us know what resonates with you at

Get ready for an engaging discussion filled with insights, stories, and inspiration. So without further ado, let's get this episode started

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