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Jun 28, 2023

On this episode, Billy and Hali are joined by Jerrad Douberly, COO; David Spurlock, EVP; and Ashley Bryan, CFO of Threaded Fasteners, Inc, as they wrap up season one of the Nuts and Bolts of Leadership Podcast. Drill into Humble, Hungry, and Aware and discover how these core values are the cornerstones of TFI Leadership.

Jerrad tackles Humble and highlights the importance of humility as a posture, not just a position. David navigates what it means to be Hungry and balancing ambition with discipline. Ashley analyzes the value of being Aware of both yourself as a leader and those around you. Billy and Hali give a peak behind the curtain as they give insights into the leadership language at Threaded Fasteners, Inc. Be ready for a waterfall of leadership nuggets during this season one wrap up. Tighten up and see you next time, enjoy the show!

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