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Oct 24, 2023

Commanders Intent with Andrew Podner - NBL EP18

On this episode, Billy and Hali are joined by Andrew Podner, President of Atlas Precision Consulting, LLC. Discover how honesty really is the best policy when it comes to the customer experience and how to focus on the big picture and finding the “50,000-ft View.”
Andy speaks on how his military background has impacted his leadership from the power of clearly communicating the “commanders intent“ to creating a team in lockstep with one another. Dive into the secret of putting things into context quickly and knowing how to tie in all aspects of a business when making strategic decisions. Uncover the power of being willing and determined to fail at something as quickly as you can and the danger of keeping a bad idea alive. Get your pens ready; there are nuggets of wisdom around every corner!

Looking for more leadership nuggets?

Discover the leaders mentioned in this episode: Jimmy Blackmon, General David Petraeus, and Simon Sinek.


Jimmy Blackmon:

Simon Sinek:

David Petraeus:

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