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May 15, 2024

On this special episode of the Nuts and Bolts of Leadership podcast, we are celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Threaded Fasteners and what it means to make an impact. Join Billy Duren and Hali Gibson as they welcome Debbie Rogers, Compliance & Special Projects Manager at Threaded Fasteners, into the meeting room. Debbie takes us on a journey of what 34 years as a member of the Threaded Fasteners Family is like and what it truly means to be an owner, a mentor, and to create a lasting legacy. She speaks about what it means to lead the way and how it feels to bring in others to carry the torch. She reflects on the early days of the company and how both TFI and she have developed over the years.

Then, Hali turns the interview to Billy, who discusses what it was like to see the people of TFI grow not just in numbers but also in their dedication to a lasting and impactful culture. Billy talks about what it means to have a cultural language and how the nuggets we gather impact and enrich the cultural experience.

As we reflect on 45 years of impact, servant leadership, and value creation, one theme remains constant – our people. It is our employee owners who truly make a lasting impact on our lives and the future of our team. As we gather this weekend for our own celebration, we challenge our listeners to reflect on the impact they are making on their teams, communities, and themselves.

From our family to yours, thank you.